Alumnae living Actions Not Words at Career Fair

Mayfield alumnae from all different industries came to campus today to kick off the first Alumnae Career Fair! At this morning’s assembly students had the opportunity to ask a panel of seven alums about their career choices, college experiences, how they balance working with motherhood and how a Mayfield education played into their success. Alumnae were also available during lunch, in the Sussex Room and Library for one-on-one questions from students. 
Although each woman represented a different line of work, the advice and wisdom from the panel was consistent. Students were encouraged to work hard, not worry if they are unsure of what career or major to choose, and to continue to be of service. The panel also shared how valuable their Mayfield experience was for them. In college and in the workplace, confidence, courtesy, mutual respect, trust, responsibility, friendship and self-discipline were all key in helping the panel achieve their goals. “Actions Not Words” continues to play an important role in their professional lives. Many people talk but not many do, and this attribute is one that will set rising stars apart from the rest.
Alums had lunch on Cornelia’s Courtyard then chatted with students about their experience and expertise in the following careers:

Arts & Entertainment - Lindsey Hansen ’04, Eliza Hooper ’03, and Anna Vossler ’07
Engineering - Colleen Charles ’04, Monica Jacinto ’83, and Anna Losorelli ’07 
Entrepreneurship - Freya Estreller ’00 
Fundraising & Development - Elisa Laris ’77 and Sabrina Beason ’03 
Hospitality - Kristina Karl DeLorme ’64 and Lin Karl McMahon ’66 
Law - Remy De La Peza ’99, Terry Mitchell ’77 and Mary Michelena Monroe ’82 
Medicine - Lisa Minasian Karamardian ’84 
Real Estate - Jaime Engler Stoney ’01
Sales - Grace Kibler Griffin ’88 

As a special treat, CoolHaus Gourmet Ice Cream was given out to students after the fair.
The panel consisted of the following alumane:
Adriann Grieco Cocker ’93
Senior Strategic Planner at Grieco Research Group
President, Mayfield Senior School Alumnae Council
Katie Bitonti ’00
Supervisor of Pre-Production at Emerald Sundae
Chair, Career Panel and Fair – Mayfield Senior School Alumnae Council

Freya Estreller ’00
Co-Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream and Ludlows Cocktail Co
Monica Jacinto ’83
Fellow-Materials Science and Engineering at Aerojet Rocketdyne
Lisa Minasian Karamardian ’84
Doctor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and President, Pacific Women's Healthcare Associates
Peggy Haber Knauft ’91
Director of Global Marketing at Atlantis Computing
Anna Vossler ’07
Editorial Assistant at Access Hollywood

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