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Welcome to the Mayfield Big Red Booster Club!

Our Mission Statement


The Booster Club is comprised of parents, faculty, staff, alumnae and friends who support Mayfield Senior School’s athletic program. A strong athletic program is integral to the spirit and character of Mayfield Senior School. Your Booster Club membership supports school athletic initiatives and encourages our deserving student athletes. 

The Booster Club board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Sister Mary Wilfrid Gymnasium, and are open to all All Booster Club parents are encouraged to attend. Please join us and volunteer your time!

The Booster Club raises funds through membership donations, sales of Cubs merchandise, Christmas tree and wreath sales, as well as the Dads' Card and Moms’ Bunko “Night Out” events. Through the generous donations of our members, the Booster Club has been able to purchase a state-of-the-art scoring table for the gymnasium and a drinking fountain/water bottle filling station in the ice room. We were also able to purchase a cold water therapy station for athletic training.

In past years, the Booster Club has been able to contribute significant funds for the installation of air conditioning in the Sister Mary Wilfred Gymnasium, as well as contributing towards the purchase of new vans. Your donations are very important because they assist the school in fulfilling its objective to develop and sustain an excellent athletic program at Mayfield Senior School.

Our goals include continuing improvements to our gym and training facilities, creating a Hall of Fame foyer and outdoor study lounge for our athletes. We would also love to support more ongoing education and conference attendance for athletic staff, improve our digital aids for all sports, and potentially purchase new vans. In addition, the Booster Club continues to support the ImPACT software program. ImPACT provides computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services that are used by doctors to assist them in determining an athlete’s ability to return to play after suffering a concussion.

Please check the Athletics section of the website regularly to find the Booster Club’s upcoming events and meeting dates, as well as all the sports schedules, scores and directions to games. You can also join the Booster Club online and shop the online Cubs Corner store. Our annual online Christmas Tree store will open in October.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym, by the field, court, or pool, and at the many Booster Club events throughout the year. Come out and support our teams!


Executive Committee

President —  Amy Laguna
Treasurer —  Erin Yoon
Secretary — Amanda Georgino
Membership — Genevieve Beauvais and Jerry Whitfield
Merchandise — Kim Erickson, Elsie Valdes-Trujillo, and Michelle Guerra
Team Coordinator — Mark Norton and Erica Pegram
Fundraising Chairs
Fall BBQ:
Jason Grinnell, Scott Moses, Giovanni Guerra
Christmas Tree Sale:
Jennifer Moses, Scott Moses, Stacy Berger, Anne Ryan, and Sean Ryan
Parents Social:
Eleni Bicos, Chris Bicos, and Buzzy Waite

Parents Board Liaison — Hilary Kingston
Athletic Director — Steve Bergen
Certified Athletic Trainer — Lydia Arguelles