• Our Varsity Cubs edged out our alum athletes 34-29 at the Alumnae Games holiday hoops match on Dec. 28

    The new year heralds a surge for Prep League honors and playoff berths

    Happy New Year! I hope you were able to enjoy some time away with family and renew for the new year! Our student-athletes were busy with their workouts over the break and our basketball and soccer teams welcomed back dozens of former Cubs for our annual Alumnae Games on Dec. 28. As we move into 2020, our winter sports teams enter a key stage of their schedules against highly ranked opponents. Our soccer and water polo teams took on the #1-ranked teams in CIF this week, and last night our basketballers traveled to play the #3-ranked team.
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  • Theology students develop a “muscle memory for justice”

    It is a brisk fall morning and the sophomores in Michelle Gergen’s Theology class are on their feet. Ms. Gergen is asking them to assemble into groups. “Skirts versus pants,” she calls out. All the girls who prefer to wear pants huddle together in one side of the room, facing a smaller group of girls wearing skirts. Then another prompt: “Chocolate ice cream versus strawberry ice cream,” and the room subdivides in a new arrangement. “Early birds versus night owls,” and there is another flurry of movement. The final grouping is determined by the girls’ birthdays.
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