Spring Sports Banquet

We had the opportunity to honor our Spring athletes and give out our year-end awards at the Spring Sports Banquet on Wednesday night. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate a terrific year of achievements for Cubs athletics! Read more about our award winners. Go Cubs!

Award Winners

Three-Sport Athlete of the Year: Zoe Chiu '26
Connelly Coaching Award: Malissa Balderama '09
Coaching Excellence Award: Marisa Sanchez '16


Varsity Girls Most Valuable Player: Neci Dunn '25
Varsity Girls Most Improved Player: Ella Bennett '25
Varsity Girls Coaches Award: Sadee Villalobos '25
Varsity Girls Most Spirited Award: Jenna Kim '23
JV Girls Most Valuable Player: Jenny Chen '24
JV Girls Most Spirited Award: Stella Keyes '25
JV Girls Most Improved Player: Lindsey Snyder '23
JV Girls Coaches Award: Venice Jithavech '25
Varsity Boys Most Valuable Player: Ryan Zhu '24
Varsity Boys Most Improved Player: Owen Cappelletti '23
Varsity Boys Coaches Award: Michael Fabis '25
Varsity Boys Most Spirited Award: John Hah '23
Varsity Boys 4-Year “Cub-mmitment” Award: Myles Ramos '23


Most Valuable Player: Kennedy Taylor '25
Offensive Player of the Year: Bridgette Carroll '26
Defensive Player of the Year: Mackenzie Taylor '26
Spirit Award: Hannah Alfaro '26
Coaches Award: Chloe Cobian '25
Most Improved Player: Keegan Roggero '26
Rookie of the Year: Sissy Page '25
Softball 4-Year Award: Afton Copeland Spiegel '23
Softball 4-Year Award: Chloe Clawson '23


Varsity Most Valuable Swimmer: Holly Gmelich '23
Varsity Swimmer of the Year: Sophia Georgino '25
Varsity Most Improved Swimmer: Kate Georgino '25
Varsity Coaches Award: Margaux Berger '23
Varsity Newcomer of the Year: Zoe Chiu '26
Varsity Diver of the Year: Morgan Burns '25
Varsity Connelly Award Winner: Marcella Laguna '23
JV Swimmer of the Year: Kate Grinnell '23
JV Swimmer of the Year: Ava Kook '24
JV Most Improved Swimmer: Erin Erickson '25
JV Coaches Award: Sophie Limongelli '24
JV Newcomer of the Year: Abby Longo '26


Most Outstanding Distance Runner of the Year: Cecilia Kvochak '23
Most Outstanding Sprinter of the Year: Monika Vargas '25
Most Outstanding Field Athlete of the Year: Sade Falese '23
Cub Leadership Award: Liz Goethals '23
Most Inspirational: Sissy Page '25
Coaches Award: Monika Vargas '25
Freshman of the Year: Leah Whitfield '26


Rider of the Year: Camille O’Brien '25
Most Improved Rider: Penelope Nakasone '24
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