“A Night at the Museum” brings artwork to vivid life

“A Night at the Museum,” presented by Mayfield’s Dance and Technical Theatre Conservatories, is set to take audience members on a journey of light, fantasy, and art, right from the whimsical opening number, choreographed to music from the 2006 film “A Night at the Museum.” 
Just like the movie, where characters from the museum exhibits come to life at night, the dancers animate from an artistic tableau. Dance Conservatory senior Jenna Khachatourian ’20 plays our expert—if somewhat perplexed!—museum guide throughout the concert.

“Every piece in the show is inspired by a work of art,” said Dance Conservatory director Denise Leitner. References to the visual art world—from easels as set pieces to costumes printed with Van Gogh’s brush strokes—fill the stage. 

Creative choreography, such as the jazz dance number inspired by the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” illustration and set to Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman,” breathes life into familiar imagery. The energy kicks up a notch with a Moulin Rouge-inspired medley of music-hall style can-can dancing.

Look for a duet that Ms. Leitner choreographed for Carrie Cuenca ’20 and her younger sister Kendall ’23. The number brings to life a painting of two sisters gazing at artwork in a gallery.

“We always have fun and love to do activities together,” said Kendall, who sees the dance as a special opportunity for the sisters. 

“When my sister first started at Mayfield, I went to all her shows and I always wanted to join even before I applied to come here,” said Kendall.

Carrie may be graduating this year, but she knows her sister will be in a good place. “I want Kendall to have a lasting family with Conservatory as I have,” said Carrie. “And I also want her to expand her performance abilities and to continue to put her passion into the arts.”
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