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  • Happy Halloweekend

    As we move into our Fall/Winter season of the conservatory program we are gearing up for some amazing performances! Our fall play "Macbeth" runs from Nov. 17-20! Following the fall play, we shift into the Christmas season full of exciting performances from Instrumental and Vocal! Shout out to our Artist of the Week—one of newest members of the Creative Writing conservatory—new to the school, actually. Her versatility is impressive from memoir, fiction, to spoken word, this scribe is multi-talented. Give it up for Kasani Freeman '24! And our Mayfield community is gearing up for Halloweekend. Arts Council hosted Halloween festivities this week on campus with pumpkin decorating and a costume contest! Please enjoy these fun Halloween costume shots.
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  • Crackling with fall artistic energy!

    This week was crackling with fall artistic energy with class projects in full swing and performing arts groups gearing up for our November and December performances.
    • Shout out to instrumentalist, Venice Jithavech ‘24 who was named Artist of the Week!
    • Many thanks to our musicians and singers for bringing music to our Holy Child Foundation Mass celebration: Jade Telles '25, Venice Jithavech '24, Giuliana DeFilippo '23, Anna Pruyn '23, Lauren Mascarenhas '24, Grace Nguyen '23, Lily Salazar '23, Kendall Cuenca '23, Kaitlin Boutros '23, Women’s Ensemble and Mr. Castelo.
    • This weekend, we welcome 7th and 8th grade students to a free day of arts classes at Explore the Arts at Mayfield. This session offers Studio Arts with Mr. Lewis and Ms. Green and Creative Writing with Ms. Gomez.
    • Next week, the Arts Council will be hosting Halloween Activities, including pumpkin decorating, a costume contest & more!
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  • A busy time for all of Mayfield's conservatories...

    All Arts Night last Friday was a huge success! We want to share a big “thank you” to all the Arts Faculty, Student Artists, and Community for supporting the arts!  
    Artist(s) of the Week: Lilly Santizo ’26 and Julia Lothian ’26. Both freshmen have demonstrated a great talent for Design and Technical Theater. Both have demonstrated leadership and have been very helpful with assisting fellow students with our Design of our upcoming Production. Lilly and Julia have also demonstrated a great ability to set-up and mix events, that include mics and a band. We saw their talents as they worked as co-sound-engineers for last Friday's Arts event. We look forward to many great productions in the future from these two talented Technical Theater students. Congratulations and thank you. 
    The Arts Council is organizing some fun Halloween activities for the Mayfield community including pumpkin decorating, a costume contest and more!!!

    From Choir Retreat to pre-production for “Macbeth,” it’s an exciting time for all of the arts at Mayfield! Read more to learn what each conservatory is up to! 
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  • Arts Spotlight: The Music Never Stops

    This week, we sat down with Denise Leitner for a behind-the-scenes peek at the Spring Dance Concert and an interview as she finishes her final Mayfield production. Read more to learn what you can expect from the show, and hear about how she came to Mayfield, what she has learned from her students, and what she plans to do with her retirement.

    Your current and final dance concert for Mayfield is entitled, “The Music Never Stops.” With a name like that, was it meant to be a gentle nod to your retirement? Or do the students help shape the names of the shows?

    ​​I'm gonna be honest with you—it's the title of a Grateful Dead song! (Denise laughs) When I knew that this was my last show, I thought I'm gonna pay homage to some music that has inspired me as a dancer, because when you go to those shows and you see those people dance there, it's so free. I could say that this is the name of a song, but also the name inspires me. Even when I leave the school, the music never stops, dance will go on, art will go on. The journey will continue.
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  • Arts Spotlight: It’s not your mother’s “Wizard of Oz”

    It’s no secret that COVID-19 changed a lot about the ways we gather, the ways we celebrate and the ways we collaborate. Our annual musical at Mayfield is a combination of all three elements. It is a gathering, a joyful celebration of talent, and a result of a deep collaboration between several conservatories: theatre, tech theatre, dance, vocal music and instrumental music. Although all of those conservatories have returned to performing and/or operating again this year individually, this production of “The Wizard of Oz” will be the first time everyone is joining forces together for a truly meaningful performance, with the talents of so many groups on display. 
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