All Saints Day Mass offers a distinctly teenage message

How can teenage girls become “saints in the making?” At Mayfield’s All Saints Day Mass, Fr. Alan Phillip offered four guiding beatitudes for teenagers:
  1. Blessed are those who study hard and develop their talents, for they shall be sent out to feed my sheep.
  2. Blessed are those who tell the truth and don’t gossip, for they shall be trusted.
  3. Blessed are those who don’t bully and instead build up, for they will have lots of friends.
  4. Blessed are those who are loyal to their friend Jesus, for they will share in his joy.
As an added touch of sentiment for the Mass, our Latinas at Mayfield affinity group celebrated a cherished Mexican tradition by assembling a Dia de los Muertos altar honoring beloved deceased. Students school-wide were invited to participate in decorating the altar.

During Mass Fr. Phillip shared a meaningful anecdote story about the meaing of sainthood. He told of a girl awed by the beauty of the stained glass images of saints at a cathedral. The child wondered what saints do.

“I know!” the girl said, “they let the light of God shine through them!”

Fr. Phillip told our students that they can all be saints in the making by remembering the beatitudes. "By the grace of God," he said, "All Saints Day could someday be our feast day, too.”
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