Mayfield students say YES to a year of positivity, ambition, and joy

Student Council leaders lined up on the Pike Auditorium stage—their formal uniforms neat and new on this first day of school—and announced opening assembly instructions for all to follow:
“We are going to sing a song that we always love as we welcome a fresh start and are reminded that we are blessed with this new school year,” said ASB President Chloe Kessel ’19. She demonstrated hand motions. She pointed to the lyrics on the screen—and go!

“Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes, yes!” to the 2018-19 school year. “Amen!”

Their spirited first-day-of-school assembly captured the enthusiasm around campus this week as students were back home in Strub Hall with their Mayfield sisters.

The 2018-19 school year brings a strong slate of initiatives that continue to build on Mayfield’s excellence as Head of School Kate Morin begins her fourth year at the helm.

“I started with this senior class, so maybe I can unofficially be a member of the Class of 2019,” she said to loud cheers from the seniors. “They are going to lead us with such grace and love and joy. It’s going to be an awesome year.”

Mrs. Morin has launched a slate of standout initiatives for the school year that distinguish our Mayfield education.

  • A record number of girls are enrolled in AP Computer Sciences and our strengthened science curriculum, their interests fueled by a new requirement that calls on every student to learn the fundamentals of computer coding.
  • An overhauled freshman curriculum is carefully launching girls into challenging classes that nurture science and math understanding, and develop strong writing and research skills.
  • Our faculty are united in promoting interdisciplinary learning across departments emphasizing critical thinking skills and collaboration. Special faculty cohorts met all summer planning deep, innovative lessons they they will introduce this year.
  • Mayfield’s signature Conservatory for the Arts program continues to boast an award-winning, nationally acclaimed Women’s Ensemble; we have strengthened our theatre and technical theatre offerings and brought on accomplished instructors who are working artists in a myriad of fields.
  • The Campus Ministry Council, Athletic Council Leaders and a host of other student-run organizations are growing in purpose and mission as students learn what it means to be a leader.
“We know how girls learn and we know how to stretch their minds in a loving and safe place,” Mrs. Morin said. “Our special Holy Child education is strong, thriving and preparing girls to take on the challenges of this world.”

One special Mayfield tradition calls on student leaders to express good wishes to each class at their first assembly.

Freshmen: May this year be filled with new friends, great memories and a growing desire to learning more.

Sophomores: May you keep your heads high and continue to pave and define your future paths.

Juniors: Remain diligent and hardworking as you strive toward your personal goals, taking on challenges with determination, positivity and ambition.  

Seniors: Treasure every moment in class, all your Mayfield traditions with friends and family—and stay diligent and calm through the college application process.

And in her closing message to her classmates, Chloe imparted a powerful message about their school.

“Mayfield encourages students to meet diversity and change with confidence in their own gifts and faith in God through all members of the school community,” she said. “So try new things, have faith in your friends and in yourself.”

And to this we say Amen! Welcome back girls!
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Established in 1931, Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, CA is a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young women grades 9-12. Noted for its rigorous academic program, which includes 28 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, Mayfield’s curriculum is underscored by a philosophy of educating the “whole child,” which also encourages commitment to and excellence in the arts, athletics, community service and spiritual growth. The nurturing environment at Mayfield Senior School allows each student to flourish in an atmosphere of personal attention.