A new take on "Old Hollywood" for Prom 2018

Way before fancy dresses were purchased and limos were reserved, our prom committee was learning real-time lessons in planning and organization. These Mayfield leaders well understood the awesome responsibility of delivering the most important social event of the school year—all while managing their own busy schedules.
“The most challenging aspect about organizing this prom was just getting started,” said Sophie Mullin ’19, prom committee chair. “The transition to junior year was hard, and we were all trying to balance our sports and Conservatories and school work with planning this prom.”
Early on, the committee grappled with a crowded calendar, working around spring break, Easter, AP tests and the Loyola and St. Francis proms. The committee wanted desperately to avoid Coachella weekends. But the first weekend of the hugely popular music festival, April 14, was the only date available.
“This was unexpected and made us worried that our ticket sales would be affected,” said committee member Lauren Mendoza ’19.
By the time the committee settled on the date, it was already October, making it difficult to find a dinner-dance venue. The pressure was building.
“We wanted to find somewhere that had never been seen before—and unique,” Lauren said.
Committee member Lily Brogdon-Mitchell ’19 suggested the Avalon in Hollywood.
“When she told me that it was a nightclub I was definitely skeptical,” Sophie said. “But when I walked inside I seriously fell in love with it.”
The committee had a site and had a theme: ‘Old Hollywood.’
Ticket sales soared to 256, far above the minimum number they contractually agreed to with the venue.
The pictures tell the story of this enchanting night!
“My best memory will be just seeing everyone come together and having fun with their close friends,” Lauren said. “And also feeling so accomplished about seeing all our ideas really come to life!”
Yay, prom committee!

Sophie Mullin ’19 (Chair)
Lily Brogdon-Mitchell ’19
Maddie DeCastro ’19
Niamh Diver ’19
Lauren Kezele ’19
Sara McBride ’19
Lauren Mendoza ’19
Alexxa Riley ’19
Perri Sanchez ’19
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