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They won 41 writing awards. Now hear from some of Mayfield’s stellar writers.

Members of Mayfield’s award-winning Creative Writing Conservatory will take to the podium to proudly read selected excerpts from for their much anticipated literary journal, Colophon 2017, which will be released Friday.
This school year, 41 Mayfield writers won prestigious Scholastic Arts awards for their writing and poetry, a reflection of the time and concentration they enjoy in the Creative Writing Conservatory under the direction of instructor Kimberly Gomez. Colophon 2017, a collection of original work poetry, short fiction, and memoir, includes the honored work of our students, who were responsible for publishing the journal, including design, editing and layout.

Sophia Alvarez ’19 said she has discovered a passion for writing through her conservatory work and will be attending a summer writing program at Carleton College in Minnesota to strengthen her skills.

“I will be writing essays that are similar to college essays for three weeks in July,” she said. “I am very excited to be able to explore writing at a college level.”

Mikayla O’Reggio ’17, who took Mayfield’s Journalism class and worked on the yearbook and newspaper, said she has become “enthralled with the power” of good writing and said she is intent on incorporating writing and journalism into her future college studies in management and entrepreneurship.

“Once I won an Honorable Mention in the National Scholastic Awards, it verified for me that this was something that I definitely could and wanted to do,” Mikayla said. “Although I will be majoring in business management and entrepreneurship, I feel that I can incorporate print journalism into my business career whether it's writing an exposé on the cutthroat nature of corporate America, or a feature on an underdog who has risen to make an unlikely impact in the workforce.”
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