A Message from Kate Morin, Head of School

Dear Mayfield Senior School Community,
I will never forget the experience of being welcomed to Mayfield Senior School.  Entering Strub Hall for the first time I felt an immediate sense of belonging–like being embraced by an old friend, like coming home. Since that memorable day in October 2014, that sense has never left me.  
I know now the source of that feeling. It is derived first and foremost from the spirit of Cornelia Connelly–her mission and vision on which Mayfield Senior is founded–that God is with us, and in us, and works through us with a powerful force of love. It was the joy of God’s presence I felt so strongly on that day and have continued to feel so strongly ever since.
So it is with a heart full of gratitude and love that I will carry that sense with me into my retirement at the end of the 2022-23 school year. It has been a blessing beyond measure to have been given the opportunity to serve Cornelia’s Holy Child mission–to learn and grow in a community of love, a community of dedicated and creative teachers and staff members, a community of supportive and involved parents, of generous and devoted friends.

Most of all I’ve been continually struck with awe as I have witnessed our students become leaders who serve developing the intellectual skills and the habits of heart to transform the world with “Actions not Words.”
I am gratified that I will leave Mayfield Senior in a strong position. With curricular and extracurricular programs that “meet the wants of the age” and the renovation of our beloved Strub Hall complete–this is an exciting time in our school’s history.
As I tell our students each year at graduation, no matter where their life journey takes them they always have a home at Mayfield. I know I will carry my Mayfield home in my heart for the rest of my life.
With Love and Gratitude,
Kate Morin
Head of School
Established in 1931, Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, CA is a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young women grades 9-12. Noted for its rigorous academic program, which includes 28 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, Mayfield’s curriculum is underscored by a philosophy of educating the “whole child,” which also encourages commitment to and excellence in the arts, athletics, community service and spiritual growth. The nurturing environment at Mayfield Senior School allows each student to flourish in an atmosphere of personal attention.