A busy time for all of Mayfield's conservatories...

All Arts Night last Friday was a huge success! We want to share a big “thank you” to all the Arts Faculty, Student Artists, and Community for supporting the arts!  
Artist(s) of the Week: Lilly Santizo ’26 and Julia Lothian ’26. Both freshmen have demonstrated a great talent for Design and Technical Theater. Both have demonstrated leadership and have been very helpful with assisting fellow students with our Design of our upcoming Production. Lilly and Julia have also demonstrated a great ability to set-up and mix events, that include mics and a band. We saw their talents as they worked as co-sound-engineers for last Friday's Arts event. We look forward to many great productions in the future from these two talented Technical Theater students. Congratulations and thank you. 
The Arts Council is organizing some fun Halloween activities for the Mayfield community including pumpkin decorating, a costume contest and more!!!

From Choir Retreat to pre-production for “Macbeth,” it’s an exciting time for all of the arts at Mayfield! Read more to learn what each conservatory is up to! 
 Creative Writing/ Publications 
  • What story from your life can you tell in 100 words? That was the Creative Writers’ and Newspaper staffers’ challenge this week as they completed personal “less-is-more” narratives, just in time to submit to the New York Times “Tiny Memoir” Contest. GLHF (Good Luck and Have Fun) :)
  • See the latest Cub news in the Mayfield Crier! 
  • Dance Foundation has been learning hip hop and modern dance this quarter! We are wrapping up the quarter with peer and teacher assessments of their performed combinations, including teacher-taught choreography, group-generated choreography, and solo improvisation. Their total body engagement and overall confidence have improved dramatically over the last couple of weeks.
  • Dance Conservatory is in the thick of rehearsals for “Choreographers’ Ball.” The juniors and seniors are doing a beautiful job choreographing and leading rehearsals.
Instrumental Music
  • The Mayfield Pep Band is back and brought some good cheer and music to the Senior Night Volleyball game on Tuesday, October 12! Our next appearance will be at  a basketball game, so keep a lookout for us.
  • The Instrumental classes are looking forward to playing with the 6-8 graders  in the Music at Mayfield event and are starting to rehearse for the annual Carol Night and upcoming holiday season.
Technical Theatre
  • We are in Set Design and PRODUCTION MODE. We are currently in fabrication of the platforms for our production of “Macbeth.” We will finish up with platforms this week. We will start the construction on the Pike stage next week. And then we start to make the magic happen!
  • Theatre, Acting, and Performance Foundation has officially moved into their theatrical movement section and will begin working towards completing an exciting movement based project. This week, students discovered how to distinguish between theatrical movement and choreography. 
  • Advanced Theatre started drafting the first pages of their script! The topic they chose for this year is "the teenage girl experience”. 
  • This week, Theatre Conservatory is one step closer to our production of “Macbeth!” Students had their “off-book” day on Monday. Off-book means that the actor has to be at 100% memorized with their script. Our students did an incredible job and we are excited to continue moving forward with rehearsals!
Visual Arts 
  • Visual Arts Conservatory classes are beginning a new project, “Memory Boxes.” They have begun constructing dioramas from cardboard to display personal objects for an exciting upcoming project!
Vocal Music
  • Women’s Ensemble spent their annual Choir Retreat among the big trees at Hartland Christian Camp in Sequoia National Monument. There they brushed up on musical skills and bonded through activities and even won a volleyball tournament against another school!
  • All Vocal Music Classes are working and testing on This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gospel Medley for the Music At Mayfield event.  All vocal students have begun working and will be testing  on selection for the up and coming Christmas, Holiday season.
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