A Family’s Holy Child Tradition

For the Hamilton family, Mayfield Senior School is a tradition, passed down for generations. Four of Ann and Rob Hamilton’s six children, Alyce Easton ’88, Robyn Tillman ’89, Denise Hamilton ’93 and Pamela Hamilton Baker ’95, and two of their granddaughters, Hayley Easton ’17 and Bethany Easton ’18, attended Mayfield. Ann and Rob are ensuring the Mayfield tradition continues for other families with the establishment of the Pamela Hamilton Baker ’95 Scholarship Endowment in honor of their youngest daughter, who passed away in 2019.
Pamela had a divine gift with animals, a flair for design, and found great joy in writing. “I cannot remember a time when Pamela did not have a pencil or pen in her hand,” Rob said. “She was always writing, and she wrote on anything she could get her hands on.”  In recognition of Pamela’s love of the written word, the family has requested that the scholarship recipient shares a love for poetry.

“Pamela loved Mayfield, especially her writing class,” said Ann. “Poetry was her passion.” Ann described her daughter’s distinct unselfishness, a kindness she shared with pets and people in equal measure: “Pamela had a big heart, and she never met anyone she didn’t like. She was kind and generous and did all things with great love.”  

One glance around the Hamiltons’ living room confirms the significance of Mayfield to this family’s legacy. Photographs of graduations and father-daughter nights are on display. “When my children went to Mayfield, they made lifelong friends, and they’re still very close to this day,” Ann said. “Mayfield prepared them for their future. People don’t know how rare it is to go to a school like Mayfield.”

Before making this enduring gift to Mayfield, Ann and Rob consulted their family about the scholarship as a way to honor Pamela. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful idea, and the family plans to grow this endowment in the future. 

“We wanted to establish an endowment so it could go on as long as it can,” Ann said. “In this environment, it is awfully hard for kids to afford going to the school of their choice. We want to help make it possible.” Ann hopes that Pamela’s spirit of generosity lives on through this gift, and is a blessing to the students who will benefit from it.
Established in 1931, Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, CA is a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young women grades 9-12. Noted for its rigorous academic program, which includes 28 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, Mayfield’s curriculum is underscored by a philosophy of educating the “whole child,” which also encourages commitment to and excellence in the arts, athletics, community service and spiritual growth. The nurturing environment at Mayfield Senior School allows each student to flourish in an atmosphere of personal attention.