Head of School's Message — Easter 2020

Dear Mayfield Community,

I hope this Easter 2020 edition of the Messenger finds you and your families healthy and safe and that you find the articles to be both interesting and uplifting during these very challenging times. 

I’m sure as for many of you, my Lenten journey this year has been like no other. It began (seems like a year ago now) with our whole school gathered together to celebrate a beautiful Ash Wednesday liturgy in the gym. This was followed immediately by several deeply moving days with our seniors on retreat. The unifying love and grace I experienced with the Class of 2020 prepared me in a profound way for the difficult weeks to come. I see now that this special time with the seniors has been serving as a touchstone for me—helping me find strength, perspective, comfort, and peace as we have worked to navigate these uncharted waters. 

It is during times of profound personal challenge that we learn and grow the most. By necessity, that which is essential stands out in high relief, and with this comes a clarity of understanding that is elusive during normal, easier times. We are all experiencing the pain and loneliness of separation from friends and loved ones, but at the same time we are able to recognize and appreciate in a revelatory way the importance and power of those relationships. 

Just last Friday, as we engaged in a remote advisory session, I heard some thoughtful insights from my ninth-grade advisees. They told me how much they missed being with their friends and teachers, but also how much they enjoyed spending more time with their families. Most importantly, they expressed how they were gaining a deeper appreciation for our Mayfield community. Clearly, what we all miss the most is being able to be together, but it is precisely in that pain of separation that we experience how much we really love and need one another—a blessing beyond measure. 

Hope is the essence of the Easter message. I know that the sacrifices that we are all making right now will lead us through this crisis. My prayer is that we emerge healthy and strong—but even more, that we emerge transformed. More compassionate, more generous, more grateful, more patient, and with a deeper understanding of what is truly essential: the redemptive nature of love. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Kate Morin
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