Mayfield’s art historians explore the legacy of local artists

by Emma Stolpe '20

This Tuesday, Nora Warren’s AP Art History class visited the Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles to learn about their hometown’s rich art history. The breakfast outing was hosted by generous club members John and Patti O’Keefe, who invited the group of 20 students to hear guest speaker Christina Nielsen, Director of the Art Museum at The Huntington, and experience a private tour of the Jonathan Club’s impressive art collection.
Students found Mrs. Nielsen’s presentation extremely interesting as she recounted the history of the Huntington and shared plans for the future. Mrs. Nielsen respectfully acknowledged the history of the Huntington family and the beginnings of the museum in the early 1900s, while teasing new developments that are soon to come. The museum director also brought up social media and how she hopes that this generation will continue to show interest in art and spread the stunning works of these artists through our social media.  
Students also witnessed the interesting traditions of the longstanding “Breakfast Club,” which allowed them to connect to the Jonathan Club’s history more deeply.

“I loved seeing traditions that are even older than ours here at Mayfield,” said Audrey Bland '20.

The class was given a docent-led tour of the Jonathan Club’s astounding art collection, with gorgeous Californian landscape paintings displayed over multiple floors within the beautiful architecture of the club itself. Students learned about the history of these paintings and their artists, which thoroughly enriched their trip. 

“It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to see examples of the art we are studying firsthand,” reflected Mia Pippert '21. 

Overall, the class felt that the field trip was a privilege and students hope that this is the beginning of a new tradition for AP Art History classes in the future.
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