Mass of the Holy Spirit: A reflection on “Diversity In Our Gifts”

On Sept. 6, Mayfield celebrated our annual Mass of the Holy Spirit. As the call to prayer, the Campus Ministry Council team focused on Holy Child Goal 5: "creating a learning climate based on trust and reverence for the dignity and uniqueness of each person." And the theme of this specific celebration was: "Diversity in our Gifts."
We were blessed to have Fr. Rob Scholla, S.J., Director of the Catholic Studies Program at Santa Clara University (and a friend of Mayfield for over 20 years), as our celebrant. At the beginning of this academic year Fr. Rob brought forth a powerful message that perfectly expanded on the goal and theme put forth by the Mayfield faith leaders. He reminded everyone assembled: "You are sources of awe...each and every one of you are God's unique word spoken only once."

Fr. Rob also gave us all the invitation "to reflect on the respect and reverence and gifts of one another." He mentioned, "Mayfield is a very special place indeed, a community in which each is precious, and honored, and loved. Do not take one another ever for granted."

From the readings to the homily, from the music selected to the blessings of the campus ministry leaders and communion ministers, the gathering invoked the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And we walked away with the words of Fr. Rob to continue to revisit all year long: "A person in front of me is a site of revelation...the spirit of God is laboring in them, and it is my task to listen."
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