Dancers show skill, confidence and beauty in ‘Locomotion’ Choreographers’ Ball

In a delightfully entertaining show of talent and heartfelt emotion, the Dance Conservatory’s 2019 Choreographers’ Ball showcased the skills of our junior and senior dancers and our Technical Theatre members who created the 100% student-run show.
“The energy on stage, the chemistry we have with each other is just really, really good,” said Olivia Acosta ’19, a Dance Conservatory member since her sophomore year. “We are all really comfortable dancing with each other and we can feel each other’s energy making for an exciting show.”

The dramatic lighting, the music—a mix of contemporary, some oldies and musical theatre pieces—flowing and colorful costumes, and the mesmerizing beauty of our dancers make for a show that should not be missed.

The girls named the show “Locomotion” for good reason: They move across the Pike Auditorium stage with power and confidence, reflecting months of rehearsal and, for most, years of training.

“Dance is a vigorous and challenging art form and our students have taken many hours of ballet and technique classes to build strength, placement and flexibility,” said Dance Conservatory instructor Denise Leitner. “But most importantly our students have grown in their love and appreciation for each other and art of dance.”

Brooke Acosta ’19 said she is proud of how all involved “came together as a team all working toward one common goal...Every number has its own story, its own emotion and that’s what makes the show special.”

‘Locomotion’ runs Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 in Pike Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Tickets available at the door. Students $5, Adults $10.
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