Information for New Families

Technology Requirements

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Requirements

All Mayfield students must bring an Apple Mac laptop or iPad to school each day. Please note that there are certain tools and applications that do not run as smoothly on iPad, so students may need to use a computer from home, a friend, or the school library.
The Math Department also asks that students have a Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculatorOur teachers consider this tool to be an important resource for high school math education—almost akin to a textbook.

Minimum requirements for existing devices

List of 3 items.

  • Mac laptop

    • No more than three years old
    • 8 GB RAM preferred
    • Minimum 128 GB hard grive, 256 GB preferred
  • iPad

    • Must support iOS 12 
      • iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad (5th & 6th generation), 9.7” iPad Pro, 10.5” iPad Pro, or 12.9” iPad Pro (1st & 2nd generation)
    • Minimum 32 GB storage
  • Battery Life

    Battery life is critical. Ideally, the computer should have an operating life of 8 hours on a single charge, and students must come to school each day with a fully-charged computer. We also recommend that students bring a charger, as the school is unable to provide loaner power cords.

Minimum requirements and recommendations for new devices

List of 2 items.

  • Laptop » 12” MacBook or 13” MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD

    Considerations when deciding which model to purchase:
    • MacBook has only one USB C port, which is needed for charging and other external peripherals (ie. flash drive, mouse, keyboard, projection). This can be limiting if you need to connect more than one item at a time (ie. power charger and a flash drive), but can also be accommodated by purchasing additional multiport adapters/hubs.
    • MacBook Pro has 2-4 USB C ports, depending on the model, which gives more flexibility for connecting multiple items
    • We do not recommend purchasing a new MacBook Air because:
      • The processor in these devices has not been updated since 2015
      • The legacy USB ports will not support USB-C, which is becoming a standard for future technologies
      • The resolution of the display does not support HD video
    Also recommended:
    • Consider upgrading to 256GB RAM to allow for additional storage of media (videos, photos, etc. that students may create for projects or personal use. This will be especially useful if students develop an interest in video production or digital arts)
    • AppleCare+ extended warranty
  • iPAD » New 9.7” iPad (6th generation) with 128GB storage

    Also recommended:
    • Protective case
    • AppleCare+ extended warranty
    If your family plans to use the computer or device for purposes beyond school, please consider those other needs in your decision.

AppleCare+ Extended Warranty

If you a purchasing a new device, we recommend opting in for the AppleCare+ extended warranty, which includes 2-3 years* of:
  • Extended warranty including hardware parts and labor
  • Phone support, mail-in, or carry-in repair at a local Apple Store with fast turnaround for repairs
  • Coverage for up to two repairs for accidental damage including water and cracked screens with a service fee of $49-$99* for screen or external enclosure damage and $299* for other damage
  • Apple software support
*depending on product/device purchased

Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator

If you are purchasing the calculator for the first time, we prefer the TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus CE version. Older models like the TI-83 Plus are acceptable, but our teachers are unfamiliar with the newer versions (like the TI-89) and aren’t able to support our students in using it. 

If you have any questions about your calculator, please email freshman math teacher Emily Goodell ’99.

Mandatory Tech Workshops

All incoming students are required to take an introductory technology workshop. This two-hour session covers the tools and skills necessary for academic success at Mayfield Senior School.

Students will learn how to conduct academic research, access online databases, access their Mayfield Gmail accounts, learn about iMSS and other essential web-based platforms used for assignments and much more.

Our next tech training sessions will run in August—dates TBA. Stay tuned for more information!
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