World Language Department celebrates ‘Students of the Month’

Every month during Community faculty members of the World Language Department honor the high achieving effort and studies of a student in each class.
Students receive a certificate and a warm round of applause from the entire student body. Here are the ‘Students of the Month’ so far this school year. Congratulations to all!

Jan. 2019
Isabel Valenzuela (French 3)
Katherine Moses (Latin 1)
Lauren Kezele (Mandarin 4)
Lauren Robles (Spanish 2 Honors)
Julia Watson (Spanish 4)
Katerina Raptis (AP Spanish Language)
Dec. 2018
Kelly Katsko (French 1)
Cat Layton (Latin 2)
Karissa Ho (Mandarin 2)
Elise Kingston (Spanish 2)
Brianna Perez (Spanish 3)
Ellie Kiechler (Spanish 4)

Nov. 2018
Avalon Dela Rosa (French 1)
Alyssa Atienza (Latin 1)
Julia Kezele (Mandarin 2)
Emma Graybill (Spanish 1)
Hannah Sherman (Spanish 2 Honors)
Megan Moffat (Spanish 3 Honors)

Oct. 2018
Brendi Wilmore (French 2)
Colleen Pendergast (Latin 2)
Kayla Tan (Mandarin 1)
Mariam Elrabat (Spanish 2)
Lucy Howell (Spanish 3 Honors)
Ashlinn Kingston (Spanish 4)

Sept. 2018
Nia Bowdoin (French 3)
Candy Li (Latin 1)
Elise DeGroot (Mandarin 2)
Belle Hopf (Spanish 1)
Michelle Cheng (Spanish 1A)
Marina Rodriguez-Garcia (AP Spanish Language)
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