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Conservatory for the Arts

About the Conservatory

The arts come alive at Mayfield!
Mayfield Senior School’s Conservatory for the Arts is a unique, rigorous Fine Arts program that allows each student to develop her skills and passion for the arts. The Conservatory is part of the school curriculum—all programs are UC accredited—and students receive a formal grade and credit. Each student is given every opportunity to advance as a young artist with a voice. The nine Conservatory disciplines are:
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Film & Media
  • Instrumental Music
  • Photography
  • Technical Theatre
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Vocal Music
Note: Additional fees apply for all Conservatory classes.
“Art is a universal language, and also a discipline which calls for close attention, leading to wonderment and contemplation.”

— Cornelia Connelly

Conservatory Faculty
Christin Hablewitz
Director of the Conservatory for the Arts, Instrumental Music Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 217

Andrew Alvarez
Vocal Music Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 243

Kimberly Gomez
Creative Writing Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 253

Theresia Kleeman
Fine Arts Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 276

Denise Leitner
Dance Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 289

Sam Robinson
Chair, Fine Arts Department; Theatre Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 218

Paul Tzanetopoulos
Photography, Film and Media Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 258

Phillip Velasco
Technical Theatre Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 432
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2015-16 Season Calendar
Summer Choral/Vocal Camp
   to 8/19/2016
This camp is intended for singers of all levels and abilities who have auditioned or are interested in joining the Mayfield vocal music department in the fall. Attendance is highly recommended for anyone singing in Mayfield Chorus and is mandatory for Vocal Conservatory and the Women’s Ensemble. Register online now!
Location: Music - Music - Music
Contact: Andrew Alvarez