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Student Life

Guidance & Counseling

Learn to navigate with a strong moral compass
High school is a world of new experiences. Throughout those four years, young women take on more responsibilities than ever before and are faced with some big life decisions.
Students at Mayfield Senior School are surrounded by a network of caring adults who can guide them through academic challenges, help them rise to leadership opportunities, provide spiritual direction and offer emotional support. Our students come to count on their teachers, advisors, coaches and mentors to help them make good choices.
Our Director of Guidance takes special responsibility for ensuring that each student's Mayfield Senior School experience is the best it can be. The Director of Guidance also works to help students with learning differences achieve their potential. Although Mayfield's curriculum and campus are not equipped to provide a full range of services to students with special needs, the school is able to make minor adjustments within our regular academic program to accommodate certain learning or other disabilities.
We understand there's more to life than homework!
Our Director of Guidance, Student Support Team, and Student Advising Council work together to develop programs that specifically address young women's needs. Expert guest speakers conduct student workshops on a wide range of topics, including:
  • healthy nutrition
  • time management
  • coping with stress
  • personal safety
  • substance abuse
  • internet safety

Parent education seminars are also offered throughout the year on a similar range of issues.