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Conservatory for the Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Conservatory

Visual Arts students work in the areas of traditional and non-traditional painting and drawing techniques. Projects are oriented toward problem solving with an emphasis on technique development and personal vision. Visual problems of increasing complexity are presented, requiring students to work as creative and independent critical thinkers. Each student applies techniques, processes and theories learned in the foundation and intermediate level classes. Students create works of painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media through abstract, observational and inventive projects. A level of maturity, sophistication and dedication is necessary to complete the work in class as well as the independent “concentration” projects required each semester. Students are encouraged to find their own meaningful, personal vision. Many students prepare portfolios for AP or college applications. Often, even students not planning on an art major in college will submit slides of artwork with college applications.

Recent Visual Arts Conservatory Exhibits
Music in May Eclectic Collections 2015
Photography Conservatory
Students explore advanced digital and B&W photography techniques. The class combines enhancing technical skills with developing a personal vision through traditional as well as alternative processes. The techniques of traditional black and white photographic processes, digital camera operation and media arts programs are part of the curriculum. Students will be able to produce high quality, meaningful work that establishes links to the cultural and artistic fine arts traditions of photography. Projects are open-ended, allowing for multiple solutions. The Conservatory students will produce original photographs that are meaningful on a personal level and also suitable for AP or college portfolios.
“In our Fine Arts classes, students are challenged to explore the content and meaning of the arts as well as to develop their technical proficiency.”

— Nancy Wall, Fine Arts Department
AP Studio Art Conservatory

The three AP Studio Art portfolios share a basic three-section structure, which requires the student to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns and methods. Each of the portfolios asks the student to demonstrate a depth of investigation and process of discovery through the Concentration, Breadth, and Quality sections. Portfolios are submitted in May of the senior year as slides and five actual pieces of artwork. Twenty-four works that excel in concept, composition, and execution are required. There is also a written section to this exam.

Portfolio areas:

— Drawing (visual arts: drawing and painting)

— 2D Design (design and photography)

— 3D design (sculpture and ceramics)

It takes 3–4 years of excellent and committed work to complete an AP portfolio. Only seniors who have the permission of the Chair of the Fine Arts Department are permitted to participate in this Conservatory. A prospective AP Studio Art student is expected to have at least half of her portfolio already completed before her senior year. This work should be of an outstanding quality and it should contain concentration work from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade and breadth work from previous Conservatory and art classes. An interview with the teacher is required. As a part of this class, each student will have the opportunity to exhibit her artwork in a one-woman exhibit in the Strub Gallery.

Visual Arts Events
MPA All Arts Night
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: Hayden - Student Commons - Stud Comm

Fall Art Exhibit
Location: Hayden - Turner Center - Turner Cen
Contact: Theresia Kleeman

Spring Art Exhibit
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Strub Hall 1st Floor
Contact: Theresia Kleeman

Digital Art Exhibit
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Hayden - Turner Center - Turner Cen
Contact: Paul Tzanetopoulos
Visual Arts Exhibits
Music in May Eclectic Collections 2015
Spring 2015 Art Exhibit Opening
Art Opening at Jones Coffee
Music In May 2014
Visual Arts Conservatories Spring Exhibit 2014
Artists At Work: April 2014
Crèche Still Life Project
Fall Art Exhibit Opening
Creative Writing Reading and Visual Arts Opening
Photography students present art at LA Cathedral
See more Visual Arts photo galleries
Visual Arts Department
Theresia Kleeman
Fine Arts Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 276
California Institute of the Arts - B.F.A.
California Institute of the Arts - M.F.A.

Paul Tzanetopoulos
Visual Arts faculty
(626) 799-9121 ext. 258
University of Nevada, Las Vegas - B.A.
University of California, Irvine - M.F.A.