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Conservatory for the Arts

Visual Arts

Recent Visual Arts Exhibits
Senior Art Show - Fall 2017
Visual Arts Conservatory
The Visual Art Conservatory is a community of advanced student artists working in the art studio to express their individual vision with intention and imagination in addition to technical skill. The advanced course is wired with topics in design, drawing and painting to emphasize the synergy of content and form. Where the principles of design and elements of art largely describe form, content is the stuff of the mind, heart, and spirit of the individual artist relating to the world.

Students are encouraged to explore creative mediums with curiosity and to follow their personal interests whether work in the garden or unplugged with traditional media and, or, plugged in with iPad apps, Adobe Photoshop and Integrated electronics. The group supports this process of personal investigation and experimentation through topic based inspiration prompts, ongoing discussion and formal analysis. All course work is appropriate for the senior portfolio and the AP portfolio.

The enthusiastic student interested in advanced visual arts study within the cross-disciplinary community of the Conservatory for the Arts may apply. Students participate in art exhibitions and conservatory events. Foundation Introduction to Art course, intermediate Art + Design or Drawing & Painting course, portfolio review, and permission of the teacher are required. Class meets during the extended I block, twice weekly for two hours after school.
“It is to be noted that drawing educates the eye in all perceptible beauty and order, and that it leads to the cultivation of a habit of observation, the only habit by which knowledge generally can be obtained. Nor is it to be considered as an accomplishment, but as an Art, which has its philosophy as well as its poetry.”

— Cornelia Connelly, Book of Studies
AP Studio Art Conservatory
AP Studio Art is designed as an intensive seminar for seniors willing to engage a challenging visual art curriculum. The goal of this year-long course is to increase student mastery of content and form. With emphasis on critical analysis and innovative art making processes, this college-level course expands student awareness of cultural, historical, and visual traditions as well as their own personal aesthetic. Students prepare art portfolios for college applications in the fall and submission to AP/College Board at the end of spring semester. Independent study projects follow the students personal interests while informed by art history, inspired by the natural world, and aware of popular culture in a global society.
  • Student work will demonstrate quality through synthesis of form, technique, and content.
  • Student work will reveal sustained concentration on an investigation of a particular visual interest or problem which demonstrates depth and process of discovery.
  • Student work will make evident a range of approaches to the formal, technical, and expressive means of the artist with serious grounding in the visual principles and material techniques.
Students select from three AP portfolio areas:
  1. AP 2-D Design Portfolio demonstrates understanding of two-dimensional design issues including drawing, painting, graphic design, fashion design, fashion illustration, collage, digital imaging, film stills, and photography. Design involves the purposeful decision making about how to use the elements and principles of art in an integrative way.
  2. AP 3-D Design Portfolio demonstrates understanding of sculptural issues and design principles as they relate to the integration of depth and space, volume and surface. Figurative or non-figurative sculpture, architectural models, installation, performance, and assemblage.
  3. AP Drawing Portfolio addresses a very broad interpretation of drawing issues and media including painting, printmaking, and mixed media. Abstract, observational and invented works may demonstrate drawing competence. The class supports this process of personal investigation through studio experiments, topic based inspiration prompts, ongoing discussion, and formal analysis. All course work is appropriate for the senior portfolio and the AP portfolio. Students participate in art exhibitions and conservatory events. One year of Visual Arts Conservatory minimum, 2-3 years recommended, portfolio review, and permission of the teacher are required.
Visual Arts Faculty
Theresia Kleeman
Fine Arts Teacher
(626) 799-9121 ext. 276
California Institute of the Arts - B.F.A. (Magna Cum Laude)
California Institute of the Arts - M.F.A. (Magna Cum Laude)
Visual Arts Events
PRIMAVERA Visual Arts & Film Festival
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Strub - Sussex Room - Sussex Rm
Contact: Theresia Kleeman
Visual Arts News
Mayfield's renowned working artist, Paul T., opens his studio to students
In an unforgettable field trip, AP Photography students toured the rustic Silver Lake studio of an award-winning, internationally recognized artist—Mayfield’s own Conservatory for the Arts teacher, Paul Tzanetopoulos.
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Our talented Mayfield artists captivated visitors at the Fall Arts Show
By Elizabeth Nail '18
Students in all nine of our signature Conservatory for the Arts programs united in early October to show off their wonderful visual art and performance skills to the Mayfield community.
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What are these students artists’ ‘impressions’ of Mayfield?
The use of vivid colors and broad brush strokes characterizes the work of AP Studio Art and Visual Arts Conservatory students, who have recently focused on the Impressionist movement in their “Impressions of Mayfield” series on display in the Student Commons.
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