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The Sr. Barbara Mullen Mission and Ministry Fund
Mayfield Senior School established this fund in June 2016 to celebrate the life and legacy of our beloved Sr. Barbara Mullen, SHCJ. Donations to the Sr. Barbara Mullen Mission & Ministry Fund help support a comprehensive Campus Ministry program to enhance the spiritual life and Catholic programming at the school in our Holy Child tradition.

Respecting our Holy Child belief in the Incarnation and our “Actions Not Words” philosophy, this fund supports initiatives that encourage young women to experience God in their lives through retreats, leadership programs and active participation in liturgy planning to deepen their faith life and that of the community. All programs focus on the special needs of young women in their spiritual journey—the special charism of Sr. Barbara.

Make your online gift to the Sr. Barbara Mullen Mission & Ministry Fund!

“To you lay men and women, there is a new clarion call for the future. The call asks your hearts, spirits and hands to continue this vision and bring it to fulfillment in the ages to come.”
— Sr. Barbara Mullen, SHCJ
Support for Campus Ministry, Service and Retreats
Through generous gifts made in her memory, the Sr. Barbara Mullen Mission & Ministry Fund has already helped Mayfield Senior School:
  • Hire a new Campus Minister, Teri Gonzales
  • Create a new freshman orientation day of service
  • Send 20 freshmen and sophomores to USC Galen Center for the Service for LIFE event
  • Expand our Campus Ministry and Service Leadership team
  • Enable junior and senior students to attend the annual Catholic Prayer Breakfast
  • Extend Cornelia Connelly Day to include a full day of service and opportunity for reflection groups to process their “Actions Not Words” experiences
  • Expand our priest celebrant list to encourage broader participation of clergy from throughout the Archdiocese—with special invitations to pastors of feeder schools
  • Support a weekly gathering of a new Mother’s Prayer Group
“I have a passion and calling to Campus Ministry because I enjoy creating a space for my peers to grow in their faith. I enjoy being a part of a group of girls who share the same passion and leadership that I do.”
— Lindsay Bowen ’17
“Campus Ministry helps me express my love of my faith with the rest of my community. It has given me the chance to make my faith life what I want it to be, like planning our masses.”
— Lauren Spensiero ’18
Mass of the Holy Spirit Homily

Fr. Rob Scholla: “You are precious, honored and loved”

Fr. Rob Scholla, SJ, is not only a good friend of Mayfield, he was also Sr. Barbara Mullen’s spiritual advisor, a relationship that gave him special insights into the heart and mind of our beloved Sister, who passed away last June. Fr. Scholla flew down from Santa Clara University to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit, our annual liturgy that unites us in prayer at the beginning of the school year. This year's Mass was dedicated to Sr. Barbara. His message of God’s presence in our daily lives and the need for strong women leaders in society reflected the lessons of Sr. Barbara. He told the young women of Mayfield to believe and have genuine confidence in their own value. “Be strong my Mayfield sisters,” he said, “Because you are precious, honored and loved by God.” His words spoke to the heart of a Holy Child education. We invite you to find 18 minutes to take a “mini retreat” and listen to his refreshing and inspirational words.
“Service has helped me grow spiritually because it makes me appreciate all of the gifts God has given me and inspires me to help out more in any way I can.”
— Bella Gaspar ’17
Thank you to our Mission & Ministry Fund donors
Sandy and Dan Bane
Tony and Lisa Gronroos
Joshua and Maggie Kaufman Coffey ’02
Tom and Julie Condon
Jim and Becky Sarni
Christine Real Japlit ’93
Martha Chute Fitzpatrick ’60
Paul and Katherine Johnson
Win and Mary Loftus
Kay Mullen
Shadi and Jennifer Sanbar
Brian Rogers and Betsy Sinclair ’98
Peter and Christine Smith
Steve and Jennifer Canton Abel ’89
Charlotte Anderson ’12
Paul and Elizabeth Murphy Anderson ’83
Bob and Susie Baggott
Brad and Allison Barnes
Pierre and Bridget Biscaichipy
Geoff and Andrea Zaninovich Bland ’84
Timothy and Brenda Burke
Mariann and Ken Carrasco
Chris and Mary Stathatos Cole ’02
Richard and Cathy Cota
Paul and Caroline Diver
Joe and Diana Eisele
Jon and Rosalie Elder
Michelle Gergen
Theresa and Michael Gonzales
Francis and Patricia Hallinan
Dave and Connie Harding
Steven and Anne Hawkins
Michele and Jeff Hilland
Bruce and Debbie Hinckley
Rachel Cota Hochstetler ’04
Leslie Taverner Holliday ’72
Lori Holtrust
Angela Howell ’76
Tosha Townsend Kopplin
Louise Leddie
Leslie Linde
Amy and Jim Macklin
Alejandro and Noemi Magat
Britt and Mary Shea McConnell ’81
Nestor and Maureen Michelena Monroe ’82
Jim and Kim Muenzer
Genie Mulé
Catherine Nally ’08
John G. and Ruth J. Pasqualetto
Camille Perez
Trisha Perez
Indira Persad ’03
Connie Peters
Chris and Ann Colborn Pizzinat ’84
Joan and Steve Sinclair
Phil and Lisa Sparks Stathatos ’72
Nicole Haims Trevor
Raegen Valdes ’14
Paul Tzanetopoulos and Linda Waddell
Marion White
Carie Wickers
Eleanor Yavarone
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♥♥♥ $1,000 to $4,999
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Up to $499
Campus Ministry, Spirituality and Service
Student ministers inspire classmates to sing, usher, read and serve at Mass
On All Saints Day, a Catholic holy day dedicated to the saints of the Church, Mayfield students gathered for a beautiful Mass, complete with music, lectors, ushers, Eucharistic ministers and a Mass program. But behind the scenes, the student leaders of our Campus Ministry were learning about their faith, organizational skills and collaboration.

Incarnational theology plus ‘Kris Kind’ gifts—it must be Christmas at Mayfield!
It’s as if the chorus of “Joy to the World” is on a continuous loop out of Strub Hall in December. The spirit of Christmas is everywhere: heart-warming decorations, the chapel crèche, hand-painted posters around school advertising a toy drive, the Deck the Halls boutique and luncheon, Immaculate Conception Mass, concerts, Carol Night, an Advent prayer service—and the students’ favorite, our week-long “Kris Kind” gift exchanges.

Teri Gonzales brings “a love full of action" to Mayfield
Teri Gonzales, who joined Mayfield Senior School as our Campus Minister and a theology teacher in 2016, has been formed by her many immersion experiences working with those in the margins and the less fortunate in society—street children, rural and urban poor, and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in the Philippines. She has also has aided at-risk youths and struggling single mothers in the United States. In her work, she brings a joyful spirit of service informed by her deep faith.

How to change the world one hour at a time
Can a few hours of community service really make a difference in our world? Ask Elisa Gonzales ’19, who said she will never forget the smiles and the clapping among senior citizens at the Alhambra Wellness Center as Mayfield Senior School students sang for them and played the guitar and ukulele.

Tweeting the Good News
How do you make early Church guys from about 52 A.D. relevant to a 2016 classroom of teenage girls? Theology teacher April Garcez’s lesson took off when she introduced a “Twitter Wars” assignment.