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Academic Program

Embark on an academic adventure.
Mayfield Senior School’s rigorous academic program fosters a passion for learning that transcends the classroom. With small classes of approximately 13 students and teachers who are passionate about their subjects, learning at Mayfield Senior School is interactive, productive, and fun. Put your ear to the door of one of our classrooms and you’ll hear teachers leading animated discussions on all sorts of topics, from Greek heroes to global warming. Students thrive in an environment that prepares them to be true citizens of the world. Mayfield graduates are independent thinkers with strong writing, verbal, and analytical skills.
"At Mayfield, I was constantly challenged academically, spiritually and mentally. I am grateful for that challenge because it allowed me to grow and develop in a unique and special way."
— Veronica Anorve '13
Be part of an intellectually curious community.
Most Mayfield Senior School students exceed the minimum requirements for college admission—almost all take four years of foreign language and four years of math, and most complete three years of laboratory science. More than 90% of our graduates take one or more AP or honors courses during their four years at Mayfield. Our 21 AP and honors courses offer college-level course work in these subject areas:
Honors Courses AP Courses
Algebra 2/Trigonometry Art History
Calculus Biology
Chemistry Calculus BC
English 2 English Language
Physics English Literature
Pre-Calculus European History
Spanish 3 French Language
Music Theory
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art
 • Drawing & Painting
 • 2D Design
U.S. History
Graduation Requirements
  • 4 units of English 
  • 4 units of Theology
  • 3 units of Mathematics 
  • 3 units of one World Languages
    (or two units each of two different languages) 
  • 3 units of Social Studies 
  • 2 units of Laboratory Science 
  • 2 units of Fitness & Wellness
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts
One unit is the equivalent of a full-year course. All students are required to take six classes per semester, plus physical education. Christian Service projects are also required.